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Hurricane season is here!! Click to view the Hurricane Guide



For more information about Preparedness Month, please visit the TDEM website at http://www.dps.texas.gov/dem/ThreatAwareness/nationalPrepAwareness.htm. Social media users can follow the hashtag #NatlPrep to keep up with online preparedness conversations.

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The cities of Pasadena, Deer Park and LaPorte now have AM radio stations than can simulcast emergency announcements on short notice.  Currently these stations are broadcasting community annoncements on a continuous basis on the following frequencies:

AM 530 Deer Park
AM 830 Pasadena and LaPorte
HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS  (Harris County, TX) – The Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (OHSEM) aims to educate people about the hazards of hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds, storm surge and flooding. 

 OHSEM urges everyone to start planning early.  “Being prepared can reduce the fear, anxiety and the loss that accompany disasters,” said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.  “Having an emergency plan remains the most important tool to keep us safe.”

 Residents are urged to get a kit, make a plan and stay informed this hurricane season.

 Your emergency supply kit should include:

•              NOAA weather radio and batteries

•              Flashlight and batteries

•              Extra eye glasses

•              Bottled water

•              Non-perishable food

•              Clothing

•              Bedding

•              Medications

•              Copies of prescriptions

•              Special products for babies, elderly and medically fragile family members

•              Cash and credit cards

•              Photo ID, important documents and records

 If you live in an area threatened by storm surge – an EVACUATION ZONE – discuss evacuation plans with your family.  Check with city or county officials to find out if your home is in an evacuation zone.

 Make a checklist of preparations to be made before an evacuation and go over it with your family.  Review it again when a storm is in the Gulf of Mexico.

 If you plan to stay in a hotel or motel, make reservations and confirm your reservations before you leave.  If you plan to stay in a shelter, bring what you need to be comfortable, including bedding and toys for kids. 

 Prepare an emergency kit for your pets and a plan for how to care for them when you are on the road and in a shelter or motel.  Do not leave your pets behind!

 “Refill and re-check supplies after every storm,” said Harris County Emergency Management Coordinator Mark Sloan.  “Depending on storm damage, some people may be able to return home in a matter of days, for others re-entry may take longer.”

 Finally, stay informed by monitoring the news media.  Local officials will provide information about current conditions, evacuations and re-entry. 


Taylor Lake Village's Emergency Management Department springs into action when hurricanes threaten or if another situation, like an industrial incident, threatens our safety.

City Hall, with its communication links to regional emergency response organizations, becomes the management center.
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Jesse Ryholt, Emergency Management Coordinator
 Patricia Williams, Emergency Management Team5/19
Anthony Bentley, City Health Official

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Follow this link to  learn what to do when Emergency Management gives the order to Shelter-in-Place.

Homebound Residents

Use this link to find out how to let the City know you need special assistance in an emergency.