Recycling Information

The recycling program utilizes 35 gallon wheeled carts with lids. You may contact Ameriwaste at 281-331-8400 or via email to request a recycling cart.

Carts shall be placed "back door" (visible from the curb) for pickup by 7:00 a.m. each Friday.

The following items are acceptable for recycling:

Aluminum cans – beverage cans.  Aluminum may include aluminum foil products/wrapping such as foil and aluminum bake ware.

Tin/Bi-Metal cans – Vegetable, soup, coffee cans etc, wire coat hangers, empty aerosol cans. No automotive parts or plumbing parts.

Glass Bottles – Clear or Colored beverage bottles, food jars, etc. No ceramic, mirrors, pane glass or auto glass accepted.

Plastics #1 – #5 – Soft drink, water and salad dressing bottles, peanut butter and jam jars. Milk, juice, shampoo and toiletry bottles. Frozen food bags, squeezable bottles, flexible container lids. Reusable microwaveable ware, kitchenware, yogurt containers, margarine tubs, disposable  cups, plates etc. Plastics may be “colored”.  No plastic wrapping, plastic grocery bags, egg cartons, disposable take-away containers, other types of Polystyrene containers  or Styrofoam (Usually labeled as Type 6) or flammable product containers like cooking oil, motor oil or antifreeze, etc.

The above items should be clean and rinsed of any liquids or food products. One dirty product or with food waste still inside can contaminate an entire bale containing thousands of pounds of collected items. It is not necessary to remove tops or wrappers.

Corrugated Cardboard – cereal, snack, frozen food, and dry food boxes, beverage boxes, shipping boxes, etc.  No packing “peanuts” or food-contaminated paper such as pizza boxes, bakery boxes, etc. All boxes should be broken down.

Newsprint – newsprint loose or bundled including magazines, office paper (all colors but no staples), phone books, circulars, etc.