Solid Waste Guidelines

In an effort to keep its streets neat, clean and free of empty cans, containers, and bins, the City of Taylor Lake Village has opted to continue Backdoor collection service of Household Garbage. Ameriwaste, the Solid Waste Contractor (“Contractor”) selected by Taylor Lake Village, will return the emptied cans, containers and bins either to the vicinity of the backdoor location from which it was emptied, or in the case of containers placed at the curbside, to a location away from the curb approximately 25 feet up the driveway of the residence. Backdoor refers to a location assessable to Contractor at or near the backdoor or garage of each residence.  The refuse shall not be located behind any locked or closed gates or doors, unless such gates or doors enclose a space that is devoted only to refuse containers and which is unlocked on designated pickup days and the Contractor is aware of such location.. The Contractor will not go into the backyard behind a house to look for or get trash containers.

BACKDOOR SERVICE FOR HOUSEHOLD GARGAGE IS PROVIDED TWICE A WEEK ON TUESDAY & FRIDAY except New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Christmas.

CURBSIDE COLLECTION OF GREEN WASTE (CANS, BAGS & BUNDLES) is provided twice a week on Tuesday & Friday limited to a combination not to exceed ten bundles per week

CURBSIDE COLLECTION OF BULKY ITEMS is once weekly on TUESDAY limited to two items.

It is the responsibility of the resident to place refuse(s) at the proper location at or before 7:00 am on the scheduled pickup day and to comply with the following:

  1. Only cans or containers with a capacity of greater than 20 gallons but less then fifty gallon, constructed of plastic, metal or fiberglass, having handles of adequate strength for lifting and a having a tight fitting lid capable of preventing entrance into the container by animals or vermin.  The weight of a container and its contents shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight.
  2. Tree limbs and other garden trimmings must be cut, bundled and tied so as not to exceed over 5 feet in length or over 50 pounds in weight.
  3. Soil, dirt, grass or similar materials are to be placed in bags or bundles in such quantity so the weight of the bag or bundle does not exceed 50 pounds.
  4. NO HAZARDOUS WASTE will be picked up.
  5. Bulky items are stoves, refrigerators (appliances that contain refrigerant must be drained and tagged by a certified recycler prior to placement at curb) water tanks (must be drained), washing machines, other white goods, furniture, mattresses and similar items.  Lawn equipment items must be drained of all fluids. All items must be manageable by two workers not exceeding 5 feet in length or greater in weight than 150 pounds.
  6. Large quantities of bulky waste may be coordinated with the contractor for special pickup and the cost must be agreed upon by the resident and the contractor.  The resident, and not the City is responsible for related cost concerning special pickups.
  7. Make sure all refuse is accessible and not blocked by any vehicles or other obstacles.  Do NOT place any items NOT for disposable near or by your household garbage.
  8. Construction debris generated by a contractor is exempted from this service and will not be picked up.  Construction debris generated by a resident must be bagged, bundled or placed in a container suitable for pickup with total weight not exceeding 50 pounds and placed curbside.

If you have any questions, regarding the service, please contact AmeriWaste directly at (281) 331-8400 or via email.