Animal Control

Leash Law
Taylor Lake Village has a law requiring that dogs be kept on a leash when taken off the owner's property.  Owners are allowed to remove the leashes from dogs ONLY in the designated "Leash-free Zone" located near the Pond in front of the City Park.

Click here for a link to City Ordinances (navigate to the section on Animals)

Dogs at large

Call Lakeview Police non-emergency dispatch (281) 326-5900.


Animals that are not claimed are available for adoption after being held a minimum of five working days. For more information on adoptions, please call (281) 326-2843. 

There is no fee to adopt a Taylor Lake Village pet, however, the owner must have their pet spayed or neutered within 45 days. Proof of sterilization is required. Failure to provide proof will result in a citation and possible removal of the animal. 


Taylor Lake Village residents must register their pet with the City of Taylor Lake Village. Your pet must be current on their vaccinations to receive a license. Registration is only $5.

Wild Animals

Unfortunately the City does not have anyone on Staff that can trap or transport any kind of wild animal. Please contact a local pest company or Wild Life Center of Texas 713-861-WILD for additional help.