The City of Taylor Lake Village strives to be the most desirable residential community on the lakes in the Houston/Galveston Bay Area. Taylor Lake and Mud Lake provide beautiful backdrops to our forested subdivisions. Our bedroom community, although tiny (population about 4000), has some of the most beautiful waterfront houses and features the largest minimum lot size required by any local municipality. While some may consider us restrictive; we pride ourselves in enforcing our building codes and zoning ordinances, insuring quality new homes and superior improvements in our older subdivisions.

While many of our citizens work locally, we also have a considerable amount of commuters that drive into Houston daily. In addition, we have a number of citizens that have homes internationally and chose Taylor Lake as their Houston home. We have the lowest crime rate in Harris County.

The spirit of the citizenry in Taylor Lake Village sets us apart from most communities. Donating time for the greater good of the city is virtually unheard of in some cities, but Taylor Lake Village thrives because of the efforts of many of our citizens. Our Mayor, City Council, Boards, Judges, Firefighters, Homeowners Associations, Animal Control Officer, and countless others; all serve our community with enthusiasm. The surrounding lakes provide a wonderful recreational opportunity for young and old.  Swim Teams, Garden Clubs, and monthly parties are what keep our community tight knit and involved.